Teacher Reflections

Author: Arpan Chokshi

5 Tips for New Educators

1. Take Care of Yourself Before I started my teacher training, my advisor, Meira Levinson, asked me to identify a non-negotiable activity that I will do every day, or at least a few times a week, that I find rejuvenating. When you’re drowning in tasks you have to make taking breaks a rule you force

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A Friend’s Podcast & What it Means to Me: Misrepresented

Recently a friend of mine started a podcast that challenges how we think about South Asia in world history. Typically, I would simply subscribe to a new podcast, listen to it during my commute, and go on with my day. However, this podcast is especially significant to me so I wanted to share it with

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Students Email Parents with Updates

You made it through the first month of school…there’s much to celebrate! You’ve memorized and practiced how to pronounce a long list of names, learned a bit of each student’s life story (or at least their interests and hobbies), and you’ve started to make note of individual strengths and challenges. It’s the perfect time to

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Make These Shifts Permanent: 5 Lessons from Teaching During a Global Pandemic

Teaching during a global pandemic has been the most challenging experience of our professional lives. As we pass the first anniversary of schools shifting to hybrid or remote instruction, it’s worth appreciating what we have accomplished through many rounds of trials and tribulations. The silver lining of this tumultuous year—yes, even a tragic global pandemic

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A Special Thanks to 2020 Students

Source: Unsplash I normally write a reflection at the end of the school year. However, given everything that has happened in 2020, I wanted to take a moment to breathe, reflect, and appreciate the incredible resilience our students have shown this past semester. Below are just a few of the experiences I’ve had since August

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9 Ideas to Help Plan for Hybrid A/B Schedules

The start of every school year is filled with exciting beginnings and opportunities to try new activities & lessons. This year is different.  Anxiety levels have reached unprecedented levels as we try to make plans that will quickly change depending on the spread of COVID in their communities. Many districts have chosen to start the

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