Arpan Chokshi is a National Board Certified Teacher and instructional coach at Hinsdale Township District 86. He provides professional development across the United States on equity & inclusion, education technology, and student-centered pedagogy. 

Arpan earned a Bachelor of Arts and Masters in Education Technology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He earned a second Masters in Teaching & Learning at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

He is nationally recognized for his writing and workshops on AI in schools. Arpan also trains teachers on implementing blended, self-paced, and mastery-based learning as an Expert Mentor for the Modern Classroom Project.

In his role as an instructional coach and equity coach, he partners with teachers to improve academic outcomes for all learners and provides concrete strategies for creating truly inclusive school communities. As his District’s Mentor Coordinator, Arpan coaches teachers on how to build strong relationships with students & families, prepare culturally relevant curricula, and increase classroom engagement.

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Arpan provides professional development on: 
  1. AI in Education: Pedagogy, Practices, and Policies
  2. Equitable Academic Outcomes & Inclusive Schools: An Action Plan
  3. Blended, Self-Paced, and Mastery-Based: Implementing Student-Centered Learning
  4. Mentorship & Instructional Coaching: Accelerating Professional Growth
  5. Student Led Inquiry: Harkness Discussions

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