“Loved your presentation, one of the most useful PD days I have had in 39 years of teaching”
Jeff Thompson, Dominican High School, WI

“That was amazing! I will definitely reach out soon about planning follow-up/longer PDs this school year.” 
Greg Zimdahl, Teacher & Instructional Coach at Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria, NY

“The discussion around assessing student learning was really valuable and needs to be had more often! Overall it is always a privilege to hear & learn from you! You are such an insightful and creative educator, I look forward to having more PD with you in the future!”
Ali Sunseri, Hinsdale South High School, IL  

“This workshop made a phenomenal use of time–it struck the balance between aiding educators in identifying key benefits of AI while interrogating its value in bolstering critical thinking.”
Rose Dyar, Dominican High School, WI

“The wide variety of websites for specific needs was very helpful. The discussions on ethical issues and equity issues were also incredibly useful. I have many ideas of things to consider in my classes!”
Dr. L.S., Benedictine University, IL

“You did a great job providing us with new information along with an opportunity for collaboration and interaction….It was nice to have the opportunity to think about what I will continue to do in a post-pandemic world.”
Renee Koziol, Hinsdale Central High School, IL

“Arpan made personal contact with each teacher in the room to make sure his workshop was relevant to everyone…The workshop was very hands-on and easy to apply what we learned and bridge the gap between being overwhelmed to feeling empowered moving into the new school year.  I really appreciated this and found it super valuable.  Thank you!!”
Julie Nicole Boucher, Chicopee Public Schools, MA