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10 ways to adjust instruction based on formative assessment data

SOURCE: ASCD      You’ve collected exit slips, spot checked students’ homework, skimmed their Google Doc, seen the results from a Google Form,  Pear Deck, Formative or Socrative. What do I do next? In this era of student centered-learning and data informed instruction we know we should be formatively assessing our students frequently. However, what should

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Beauty Pageants & Discussions

According to Don McCormick of the University of Redlands and Michael Kahn, of the California Institute of Integral Studies most classroom discussions or seminars fall in one of the following four categories: Free-for-All: In this seminar there is a prize to be won, whether it’s the instructor’s approval or one’s self esteem. There is no

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Harkness Discussion

For the past year I have been thinking a lot about how to get my students to think more deeply about what they read and to have the types of deep, meaningful and engaging conversations that made me fall in love with learning while in undergraduate and graduate school. From amerist.org That is why I have been

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