Purposes of Education: Ken Robinson & First Day of School

I wanted to start the year not by talking about the course, class expectations or even much of myself. I feel that we---teachers along with students---rarely wonder what's the purpose of education. This idea was lingering in my mind all summer and I happened to see a Ken Robinson talk specifically on this topic. So, … Continue reading Purposes of Education: Ken Robinson & First Day of School

Purposes of a Liberal Education

A colleague just shared an article by William Cronon on the purposes of a Liberal Education. It eloquently argued what characteristics a liberally educated person should have (not what classes they should take or standards they should meet). The 10 traits Cronon identifies are: 1.    They listen and they hear. 2.   They read and they … Continue reading Purposes of a Liberal Education

Why Students Don’t Like School

Glazed eyes and drooping heads--bored students are the bane of any teacher's existence. That is why I read Daniel Willingham's book with the provocative title: Why Don't Students Like Schools?  I found his suggestions for remembering and teaching skills especially fascinating. STUDENTS: What do you think of Willingham's suggestions--which of them do you think would … Continue reading Why Students Don’t Like School

8 Principles of Montessori Education

The following are notes from an excellent book by Angeline Lillard on the philosophy and practice of Montessori Education. Learning about Montessori Education made me wonder:  Is Montessori Education just good educational practice that all teachers should be applying?   What portions of the model should be applied to a high school setting?  What are the shortcomings/downfalls … Continue reading 8 Principles of Montessori Education

An A+ Student Regrets his Grades & Finland

I just read an article, An A+ Student Regrets his Grades, that reminded me of my own schooling and reminded me what I aspire to be as an educator. The passages that resonated with me most were: "Education is not confined to the walls of a classroom; it stretches well beyond that. Valuing success above all … Continue reading An A+ Student Regrets his Grades & Finland