9 Ideas to Help Plan for Hybrid A/B Schedules

The start of every school year is filled with exciting beginnings and opportunities to try new activities & lessons. This year is different. Anxiety levels have reached unprecedented levels as we try to make plans that will quickly change depending on the spread of COVID in their communities. Many districts have chosen to start the school … Continue reading 9 Ideas to Help Plan for Hybrid A/B Schedules

Beauty Pageants & Discussions

According to Don McCormick of the University of Redlands and Michael Kahn, of the California Institute of Integral Studies most classroom discussions or seminars fall in one of the following four categories: Free-for-All: In this seminar there is a prize to be won, whether it's the instructor's approval or one's self esteem. There is no … Continue reading Beauty Pageants & Discussions

Students’ Anonymous Debate: Trump vs Clinton

How can we have students meaningfully engage with content that is being created in real-time? How can we create spaces where students feel comfortable asking peers probing questions on critical issues? One solution: Carefully structured online spaces that provide live peer commentary and anonymous discussion. Verso is just one of many tools such as Todays Meet, Google Classroom, Moodle … Continue reading Students’ Anonymous Debate: Trump vs Clinton

Form should fit Function

Too often, especially technology enthusiasts like me, are excited to try the latest new feature our favorite website or app offers. Whether it is interactive multi-player review games on Quizlet & Kahoot or "advanced differentiated" digital reading programs, we're always looking for ways to engage our students and improve their learning.  Technology can play a powerful … Continue reading Form should fit Function